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Important notice

Temporary measure to renew the Health Insurance Card

To renew your Health Insurance Card, you must mail your completed and signed renewal form to us, without going through the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec service outlets. In most cases, you do not need to provide a photo: we will use the one on file.To find out more, read the news release.

Health Insurance

RAMQ administers the Québec Health Insurance Plan. Eligible persons who are registered benefit from various covered health services. Ineligible people can also access theses services, but they must pay for them.

Health Insurance Card

You must present a valid Health Insurance Card to be entitled to the services covered under the Québec Health Insurance Plan. After you have registered, you will receive your card, which needs to be renewed periodically.

Register for health insurance

You may qualify for health insurance if you settle in Québec, or if you live or spend time here. To remain eligible, however, you must comply with certain rules regarding your presence in Québec.

Covered services and reimbursement

RAMQ pays the cost of covered services rendered to insured persons. This means that health professionals participating in the plan may not bill them for these services.

Personal decisions

This section groups together topics that relate to your personal wishes. These are the decisions you may take now to ensure that they are registered in your file and thus made official. They include naming a representative who will act on your behalf when dealing with RAMQ.