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Important notice

Temporary measure to renew the Health Insurance Card

To renew your Health Insurance Card, you must mail your completed and signed renewal form to us, without going through the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec service outlets. In most cases, you do not need to provide a photo: we will use the one on file.To find out more, read the news release.

Accommodation via an intermediate resource

RAMQ administers the program concerning the financial contribution by persons entrusted to an intermediate resource. The contribution is the amount required by government to pay for your accommodation.

What is an intermediate resource?

The purpose of an intermediate resource is to provide a substitute residential environment to a person following a referral by a health and social services facility such as CISSS or CIUSSS. Both the intermediate resource and the facility are bound by contract. The following situations are examples of when a person may be taken in charge by an intermediate resource:

  • Loss of autonomy
  • Intellectual or physical disability
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Mental health problem
  • Drug dependence

Eligible persons

Intermediate resources welcome persons requiring support to foster their autonomy, social re-integration and social participation. To qualify for the program, you must be:

  • covered by the Québec Health Insurance Plan
  • age 18 or over
  • referred to an intermediate resource by a public health facility

You must also undergo an assessment by an integrated health and social services centre (CISSS) or an integrated university health and social services centre (CIUSSS). These facilities take into consideration your health condition, the urgency of your situation and the availability of places in intermediate resources. RAMQ has no say in this process.

Accommodation of children under age 18 falls under the responsibility of child and youth protection centres. More information is available from your CISSS or CIUSSS.

Setting the contribution amount

When a public health facility refers you to an intermediate resource, it notifies us accordingly. We then determine the amount of your contribution.

The contribution is established with a concern for fairness for accommodated adults and those living at home. Indeed, when you are accommodated, you must pay the expenses related to your room and board. The required social services and health services are free for all Quebeckers.

Factors determining the amount of your contribution

The amount of your contribution is determined on a monthly basis and takes into account several factors.

Whether or not you are the recipient of a financial assistance program with claim slip (carnet de réclamation)

If you are the recipient of a financial assistance program with claim slip (carnet de réclamation), your employment constraints determine the amount of your contribution.

  • Recipient under the Social Solidarity Program: $886
  • Recipient under the Basic Incom Program: $1,229
  • Recipient under the Social Assistance Program
    • With temporary employment constraints: $604
    • Without any employment constraints: $451

If you are not the recipient of a financial assistance program with claim slip (carnet de réclamation), the amount of your contribution is established according to the prognosis for your social reintegration.

If your prognosis for social reintegration is less than 2 years after you were taken in charge by an intermediate resource, the calculation of your contribution takes into account your age:

  • Age 18 to 64: $886
  • Age 65 or over: $1,029

Change after 2 years of continuous accommodation

If your reintegration prognosis is for less than 2 years, it is automatically adjusted to “2 years and more” if it turns out that you have been accommodated continuously for 24 months. The change comes into effect the month following your 24th month of accommodation.

If your reintegration prognosis is for 2 years or more, the maximum contribution applies: $1,374.40.

Applying for a reduction to your contribution amount

If you feel that you are not able to pay the amount indicated on your notice of decision, you may apply for a reduction by completing an Application for Exemption or for Re-Evaluation. Your contribution will then be based on your ability to pay. After your application has been assessed, you will receive a new notice of decision by mail indicating the amount you have to pay for your accommodation. The resulting amount may be less than or the same as that previously set.

As of July 2022, the federal government is increasing the Old Age Security pension by 10% for persons aged 75 and over.

To authorize us to disclose information to your representative, you must also fill out and attach the form entitled Identity of Representative and Authorization to Release Information.

Deductions and exclusions

Here is the list of deductions and exclusions taken into account when determining your contribution amount. Some of these amounts are indexed on January 1 of each year.

  • The amount for a main residence is set at $269,092.
  • The total amount for property is set at $2,500 for a single adult and $5,000 for a family.
  • The amount for an automobile is set at $10,000.
  • The amount for liquid assets is set at $2,500 for a single adult and $5,000 for a family.
  • The amount for a person with a spouse (non-accommodated, married or in a civil union) is set at $1,383.
  • The amount for a dependent child under age 18 is set at $554, and for a dependent child age 18 to 25 (inclusive) who is a full-time student, spouseless and domiciled in the accommodated adult’s homepursuing full-time studies is set at $694.
  • The personal expense allowance is set at $319.
  • The cost for lodging is deducted from the actual amount paid for 2 months as of the first day of accommodation (excluding services).
  • Certain government compensations are to be excluded (Hôpital Saint-Julien or Duplessis orphans, for example).

Notice of decision

Upon your arrival in an intermediate resource, the facility welcoming you will send us your registration form. We then issue a notice of decision by mail to you or your representative indicating the following:

  • the amount to be paid for your accommodation
  • the procedure to follow if you believe that your financial or family situation justifies a reduction of your contribution (only if you are not a recipient of a financial assistance program with claim slip (carnet de réclamation) and your reintegration prognosis is 2 years or more)

Payment of your contribution

On the 1st day of each month, you have to pay the facility in which you are accommodated the amount indicated on your notice of decision. The contribution is payable as of the 1st day of accommodation indicated by the facility. It is calculated according to the number of days of accommodation (30 days for a full month). Your arrival date is included but not your departure date. The contribution amount is indexed on January 1 of each year.

Simulation tool to estimate your financial contribution

We have made available for you a simulation tool to help you estimate your financial contribution subsequent to an application for exemption.

Cost of services

The cost of services rendered by an intermediate resource is paid both by you and the facility that has concluded an agreement with the intermediate resource. You contribute toward the cost of your accommodation by paying a contribution to the facility. In turn, the facility pays the intermediate resource an amount corresponding to the cost of the services rendered.

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of services

If you consider that you are not receiving appropriate care and services, you can contact the commissioner for complaints and the quality of services of the facility that concluded an agreement with the intermediate resource where you are living.

Additional information

For additional information on the program, contact the management at the facility. For more information on calculating your contribution, contact us:

By telephone

By mail

425, boul. De Maisonneuve Ouest, bureau 213
Montréal (Québec) H3A 3G5

Application for review

You can apply for a review of a RAMQ decision. To find out more, refer to the page Request a review of a decision.