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COVID-19: Answers to your questions

Certain services are available by appointment only at our Montréal and Québec reception desks. No one without an appointment will be seen. For a list of the services offered by appointment, or if you have any questions, refer to the webpage Questions and answers about our services during the pandemic.

Accommodation in a public facility

RAMQ is managing the Financial Contribution Program for Accommodated Adults and must set the amount of their contribution. It is the amount the government charges to adults who are accommodated in Québec healthcare facilities. Any persons age 18 and over whose condition requires that they be accommodated in a healthcare facility must pay the contribution.

It addresses the concern that accommodated adults be treated equally to persons living at home. Accommodated adults, like persons living at home, must assume the costs related to meeting their basic needs. Since health and social services are free for all Quebeckers, the value of these services is not included in calculating the contribution.

How is the contribution determined?

The category of room and your ability to pay are taken into account in determining the contribution.

Category of room

The monthly room rates vary depending on the type of room.

  • Private room: $1,946.70
  • Semi-private room: $1,626.30
  • Room with 3 or more beds: $1,211.70

Ability to pay

The above prices are maximum rates. For a person who cannot afford these rates, the amount of the contribution is determined on the basis of the person’s ability to pay (income, possessions, savings, and family situation). The following family deductions may apply:

  • $260 per month for your personal expenses
  • $1,252 per month if you have a non-accommodated spouse
  • $629 per month for each dependent child age 18 or over
  • $501 per month for each dependent child age 17 or under

How is the contribution calculated?

After admitting the accommodated person, the facility sends RAMQ the form entitled Registration or Changes, properly completed. RAMQ then sends the accommodated person or his/her representative (with a copy to the facility) a notice indicating:

  • the amount payable for the room occupied
  • the procedure to be followed if the person feels that his/her financial or family situation justifies a reduction in the amount of the contribution.

The person pays the accommodation facility the amount shown on the notice from RAMQ.

Applying for a reduction in the contribution

Step 1

Sending the application

The person or his/her representative must fill out and send RAMQ the form entitled Application for Exemption or for Re-evaluation.

To authorize us to release information concerning your application to your representative, you must also complete and attach the form Identity of Representative and Authorization to Release Information.

Step 2

Application examination

RAMQ then examines the application, taking into account the person’s liquid assets, possessions and income (and those of the person’s spouse, where applicable), and the person’s family obligations. Calculation of the contribution also takes into account certain deductions, such as those for personal expenses, for the person’s spouse and dependants, and for having to break a lease.

Step 3

Receipt of notice and payment

RAMQ sends the accommodated person or his/her representative (with a copy to the facility) a new notice indicating the amount payable for the room occupied, which may be less than or equal to the amount previously set. The person pays the accommodation facility the amount indicated on the new notice from RAMQ.

Calculation of the contribution for a given month takes into account the person’s income from the preceding month. For example, the contribution payable on January 1 is set on the basis of income for December. The contribution varies according to the amount of the Old Age Security pension and to other income or deductions that are indexed annually.

Simulation tool for calculating the financial contribution

RAMQ is offering a simulation tool for calculating the financial contribution.

When is the contribution payable?

The contribution is payable as of the first day spent in the facility and is calculated in proportion to the number of days of accommodation. The day of arrival is included in the calculation, but the day of departure is not.

The contribution is payable after 45 days spent in the facility.

The contribution is payable for the time during which, after having been discharged from acute care, the person is waiting to be admitted to long-term care but cannot return home because of his or her state of health. No contribution is payable for as long as the person’s condition calls for acute care. However, after 45 days, the person is considered to be receiving long-term care and must pay the contribution, unless a physician certifies in the person’s medical record that, because of the person’s condition, he or she still requires acute care. This certification must be renewed every 30 days.

Products and services provided or to pay

The products and services provided by the facility are under the responsibility of MSSS, in accordance with circular 1995-10 issued for this purpose. The facility provides, free of charge:

  • products and services necessary for personal hygiene, such as:
    • paper products or other products indicated in the individualized services plan, or any other products required because of an accommodated person’s particular condition
    • skin creams, shampoo, deodorant, soap, toothpaste and facial tissue
    • laundering and care of the person’s linen and clothing (these tasks may, however, be performed by the person’s family)
  • any equipment used by an accommodated adult for therapeutic purposes

The following products and services must be paid for in full by accommodated adults and are also indicated in circular 1995-10 issued by MSSS:

  • hairdressing services
  • personal care products (cosmetics, hairspray, lotions, etc.)
  • tobacco and newspapers
  • meals ordered from outside
  • a personal telephone, rental of a television set
  • special care of clothing (dry cleaning, mending, etc.)

In the event of dissatisfaction with service quality

Persons who feel that the care they are receiving is unsatisfactory may request the intervention of the service quality commissioner of their accommodation facility.

Other details

The contribution is payable on the first day of every month to the management of the accommodating facility. The contribution is calculated by the Service de la contribution et de l’aide financières of RAMQ. For further information about this program, contact the facility concerned.

Montréal: 514 873-1529
Toll-free: 1 800 265-0765

Montréal: 514 864-4179
Toll-free: 1 800 308-0265

By mail or in person
425, boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest, bureau 213
Montréal (Québec) H3A 3G5

Application for review

You can apply for an administrative review if you disagree with a RAMQ decision. To find out more, refer to the page Request a review of a decision.