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Language policy

By way of the Politique linguistique de l’État (Language Policy of the State – French only) the State is able to play an exemplary and leading role in the application of the Charter of the French Language. RAMQ’s own language policy is derived from the government language policy and is tailored to its specific mission.

Language policy under review

The Government of Québec has recently implemented several measures as part of its Modernization of the Charter of the French language. Until we adopt our own organisational directive and update our language policy, the Directive du ministre de la Langue française relative à l’utilisation d’une autre langue que la langue officielle par l’Administration (directive of the Minister for the French Language on the use of a language other than the official language by the Administration – French only) will prevail.


The main objectives of the language policy are to:

  • foster the quality of French in Québec
  • promote French as the official language of Québec and its language of everyday life
  • standardize the use of French in government departments and agencies

Given that RAMQ offers services to a broad spectrum of Quebecers, we pay special attention to certain clienteles:

  • First nations and Inuit, descendants of the first habitants of the country, who are entitled to maintain and develop their language and culture
  • Immigrants whose maternal language is a language other than French


Our website is designed to provide citizens and health professionals with quick access to the information they need regarding our services and programs. We use language that is simple and precise and follow up-to-date web writing guidelines to make the information easy to find and understand.

The contents of our website are for information purposes only and have no legal value. In the event of any discrepancy between our website and the official text, the latter shall prevail.

The entire contents of our website are in French, including the section for health professionals. The contents directed at citizens may be translated, but they are displayed separately in their own sections. The English sections of our website do not contain all of the information available in French.

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