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Find a family doctor

To find a family doctor, you can register on the waiting list of the Québec Family Doctor Finder (GAMF). The waiting time varies depending on the availability of doctors and the number of registrations in your region.

Conditions of registration

To register for the Québec Family Doctor Finder, you must:

  • Be age 14 or over (you can also register a younger person)
  • Not have a family doctor
  • Have a valid Health Insurance Card
  • Be domiciled in Québec, at the address currently indicated in your file at the Régie (if you have moved, report the change of address by using the online Service québécois de changement d’adresse

Residents of Nunavik or Cree Territory of James Bay regions

The Québec Family Doctor Finder is not available in these regions. If you live there, contact your local health centre:

Registration procedure

When registering for the Québec Family Doctor Finder, you must have your health insurance card with you.



You can also register by logging on to the Québec Health booklet.

By telephone

Contact your territory waiting list (GACO).

Update a registration: contact information and health situation

You must update your registration if your contact information or your health situation change. To do so, proceed in the same was as for a registration. Your contact information must be up to date in order for the doctor assigned to you to contact you. If you cannot be reached, your request may be suspended.

You can also report any changes in your health situation or, if this service is offered by your territory waiting list (GACO), request a health evaluation by a nurse. In both cases, your initial registration date will be retained.

If you have found a family doctor by yourself, you do not need to take any further steps. The starting date of your follow-up with your doctor will automatically end your registration on the Québec Family Doctor Finder waiting list.

Change of family doctor

If your current family doctor ends your medical follow-up or you need to change to another doctor or clinic, here is the procedure depending on your situation:

If your family doctor changes location of practice or retires, you can contact your territory waiting list (GACO) to request another doctor.

If you move to another region or are unable to travel to your current clinic, you can contact your territory waiting list (GACO) to request another doctor. You will keep your current family doctor until you have access to a new one.

To change family doctors, you must first contact us to be removed from your current doctor's patient list. Then, you must register on the waiting list on the Québec Family Doctor Finder website, on the Québec Health Booklet website or by calling your territory waiting list (GACO).

By ending your follow-up with your current doctor, you might no longer have access to his/her services or to the services offered by the clinic you normally go to.

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