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Absence from Québec

An absence from Québec could affect your eligibility for health insurance. For this reason, you have to notify us before any travel or stay outside Québec that contravenes the rules applicable in your situation. This way, you will know whether your eligibility for health insurance was maintained while you were away.

Maintaining your eligibility

If you live in Québec, to remain eligible for health insurance, you must not be absent from Québec 183 days or more per calendar year. This rule differs if you are a new immigrant, temporary worker or student. Certain exceptions apply. Check the conditions for maintaining your eligibility and make sure to have health insurance coverage before leaving Québec.

Services covered outside Québec

Certain hospital and health professional services are covered outside Québec provided that you are eligible for health insurance. In most cases, however, they will only be partially reimbursed. Check which services are covered and be sure to take out private insurance before leaving.

Prolonged absence from Québec

If you are no longer eligible due to an absence from Québec, you may have to repay us the cost of services that you received and re-register for health insurance.

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