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Information distribution

As part of the Québec government’s concern for transparency, it tabled the Regulation respecting the distribution of information and the protection of personal information, which lists the documents and information that public bodies must render easily accessible to citizens.

The Regulation also ensures increased protection of personal information through implementation of control mechanisms during the provision of e-services and whenever information systems are developed or overhauled. The Regulation also identifies certain parameters to be taken into consideration whenever surveys are conducted and videosurveillance technology is used. Implementation of these obligations falls under the responsibility of the person in charge of access to documents and the protection of personal information.

Organizational information

RAMQ makes available to citizens the information and documents pertaining to its activities.

Personal information files

RAMQ holds personal information files concerning insured persons, the healthcare professionals it remunerates, and its staff members.

Requests to access documents

RAMQ makes public the decisions and documents that it releases in response to access to information requests, subject to the restrictions set out in the Regulation.

Documents of general interest for the public


Contracts with outlays exceeding $25,000 are published on the Québec government’s tendering site (SEAO):

Documents tabled in the National Assembly

Certain documents issued by RAMQ must be tabled during public sessions of the National Assembly, and other documents must be tabled in parliamentary committees and published on their websites. RAMQ is not required to submit its financial commitments to the Contrôleur des finances.


RAMQ records in the appropriate registers:

  • Personal information disclosed without the insured person’s consent
  • Personal information collected on behalf of another government body
  • Use of personal information for a purpose other than that for which it was gathered

Personal information disclosed without the insured person’s consent

Previous version of the communications register (French only)

In these registers, the nature and type of personal information disclosed is grouped into categories. However, only the information contained in the category needed by an agency or organization is disclosed.

Categories concerning insured persons:

  • Identity information: First and last names, address, date of birth, sex, telephone number, social insurance number, health insurance number, family relationships, etc.
  • Health information: Insured medical services, insured pharmaceutical services, technical aids provided, location where an insured service was provided, name of prescription drug, etc.
  • Insurance coverage information: Eligibility for the Health Insurance Plan and the Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan, history of issuance of health insurance cards, information about the health insurance card, etc.

Categories concerning healthcare professionals and service providers:

  • Employment information: First and last names, social insurance number, healthcare professional number, area of specialization, methods of remuneration, date of registration with RAMQ, address of professional practice, date on which the permit or diploma was obtained, etc.
  • Financial information: Information concerning the remuneration of the healthcare professional, billing, insured services rendered, location where the insured service was rendered, etc.

Categories concerning RAMQ’s employees:

  • Personal employment information: First and last names, address, date of birth, telephone number, social insurance number, bank contact information, medical information, employment date, expected retirement date, disciplinary record, education background information, resume, salary information, expense reports, etc.

Information on financial resources management

Certain expenses incurred by holders of high-level positions must be made public, as must the expenses made by other employees (including training expenses) and some operational expenses.

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