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  • /en/citizens/prescription-drug-insurance/know-eligibility-conditions-public-plan

    You qualify for the Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan if you do not have access to a private plan in your professional or family life.

  • /en/citizens/health-insurance/register

    If you are eligible, you can register for the Health Insurance Plan when you arrive in Québec to settle here or for a temporary stay (work, studies).

  • /en/citizens/health-insurance

    RAMQ administers the Québec Health Insurance Plan. Eligible persons who are registered benefit from various covered health services.

  • /en/foreign-students-register-health-insurance-online

    If you are eligible, you can register for the Québec Health Insurance Plan as soon as you arrive in Québec to study.

  • /en/newcomers-register-health-insurance-online
  • /en/citizens/health-insurance/know-eligibility-conditions
  • /en/citizens/health-insurance/using-card

    RAMQ administers the public health and prescription drug insurance plans. It also remunerates health professionals.

  • /en/citizens/absence-quebec/renew-a-health-insurance-card-outside-quebec

    If you are outside Québec when your Health Insurance Card is up for renewal, you must fill out, sign and mail your renewal notice.

  • /en/citizens/prescription-drug-insurance/information-private-plans

    A private prescription drug insurance plan is either a group insurance plan administered by a private company or an employee benefit plan.

  • /en/citizens/prescription-drug-insurance/know-conditions-coverage

    The public plan covers the prescription drugs on the List of Medications that are prescribed by a health professional and, in most cases, purchased in Québec.

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