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  • /en/citizens/aid-programs

    Discover our programs: eyeglasses, contact lenses, visual and hearing aids, prostheses, devices for ostomies or physical impairments, accommodation.

  • /en/about-us/information-documents

    Find out about RAMQ’s services with respect to health insurance and prescription drug insurance and see the programs it administers.

  • /en/citizens/aid-programs/hearing-aids

    The Hearing Devices Program covers the costs related to the purchase, repair and replacement of hearing aids and assistive listening devices.

  • /en/citizens/aid-programs/devices-compensate-a-physical-deficiency

    The program covers the cost of purchase, replacement and repair of devices that compensate for a physical deficiency: orthoses, prostheses and other aids.

  • /en/about-us/mission-values

    Guided by values of fairness, integrity and respect, RAMQ contributes responsibly to the performance of the Québec health network.

  • /en/citizens/aid-programs/external-breastforms

    Learn how to request a reimbursement of $250 after purchasing eyeglasses or contact lenses for a child under the age of 18.

  • /en/citizens/aid-programs/domestic-help

    This program provides for a reduction in the hourly rate of domestic help services, such as housekeeping work and meal preparation.

  • /en/citizens/aid-programs/surgery-radical-removal-suburethral-sling

    Women who have undergone surgery for the radical (complete) removal of a suburethral sling outside Québec may qualify for financial assistance in the amount of $22,500.

  • /en/citizens/aid-programs/free-access-prescription-drugs

    Find out about free access to prescription drugs: emergency contraception, morning-after pill, naloxone, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

  • /en/citizens/aid-programs/assisted-procreation-reimbursement-vitro-fertilization

    Ces mesures permettent de rembourser des services de fécondation in vitro pour des femmes ayant perdu leur admissibilité au programme de procréation assistée.