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External breastforms

The External Breastforms Program is intended for persons having undergone breast removal surgery (mastectomy) or displaying a total absence of breast formation (aplasia). The program provides for a reimbursement of the purchase or replacement cost of external breastforms.

Eligible persons

To qualify for the program, you must be covered by the Québec Health Insurance Plan and be in one of the following situations:

  • have undergone a total, radical or partial mastectomy
  • be aged 14 or over and have received a diagnosis of breast aplasia

Services covered by the program

For each breast and per 24-month period, the program reimburses the purchase or replacement cost of an external breastform up to a maximum of:

  • $512 for a full breastform
  • $302 for a partial breastform

You must pay the difference if your invoice exceeds this amount. If you have private insurance, check with your insurer to find out if it covers the difference. To be eligible for a reimbursement, you must have purchased the breastform from a business established in Québec. These amounts are indexed on January 1st each year.

How to obtain financial assistance

To obtain reimbursement, you must apply online.

Documents to be kept

You must keep all supporting documents for at least 5 years. We may re-examine your application to verify the information that you provided.

  • Detailed invoice and proof of payment
  • Medical report in the case of aplasia
  • Medical prescription, if you received one

Complete the online form

Protection of your personal information
In order to offer you certain services, we need to collect, use, and sometimes disclose your personal information. To find out more about our privacy practices on our website, please refer to our Privacy policy webpage.

Required information

  • Identity and contact information
  • Health Insurance Number
  • Information about the situation (type and date of the operation)
  • Information about the breastform (side, type, description)
  • Amount of the purchase before taxes
  • Date of the purchase
  • Name of the business
  • QST number of the business
    If it does not appear on your invoice, you must obtain it from the business from which you made your purchase.

Processing time

The usual processing time is 50 working days. We will contact you if your application is incomplete.

Application for review

You can apply for a review of a RAMQ decision. To find out more, refer to the page Request a review of a decision.

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