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COVID-19: Information about our services

Our services are available online and by telephone. In compliance with the new sanitary measures and to limit physical contact, our offices are no longer accessible. If you have any questions, please refer to the webpage Questions and answers about our services during the pandemic.

Annual premium

In general, you pay an annual premium to Revenu Québec for coverage under the Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan.

The premium is:

  • Variable, ranging from $0 to $710 per person, based on the annual rates in effect
  • Established according to your situation and net family income
  • Payable even if you do not purchase any prescription drugs
  • Adjusted annually on July 1

Payment to Revenu Québec

Revenu Québec collects the annual premium through your income tax return. For 2021, you will have to pay this premium in the spring of 2022 when you file your tax return.

You have to pay the public plan premium for every full month during which you had no coverage under a private plan. To find out more, go to the webpage Premium payable under the Québec Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan on the website of Revenu Québec.

Age 65 or over with supplemental coverage through a private insurer

If you are age 65 or over and only have supplemental coverage with a private insurer, you must be covered by the public plan and pay the premium for this basic coverage.

Spending one year or more outside Québec

You are no longer covered by the public plan and no longer have to pay the annual premium if you were outside Québec for an entire year. We strongly recommend that you take out personal insurance that covers prescription drugs if you spend time temporarily outside Québec. To find out more, go to the webpage Absence from Québec.

Tax credit for medical expenses

Certain medical expenses may qualify you for a tax credit. The annual premium and the amount paid for your prescription drug purchases are part of medical expenses. To apply for a tax credit, go to the webpage Refundable tax credit for medical expenses on the website of Revenu Québec.

Persons covered free of charge

The following persons are generally covered by the Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan free of charge:

Holders of a claim slip (carnet de réclamation)Hold a valid claim slip
Children of persons covered under the public plan

Under age 18: Not have access to a private plan through a student job or otherwise

Age 18 to 25:

  • Attend an educational institution on a full-time basis
  • Be spouseless
  • Live with their parents or tutor
  • Not have access to a private plan
Persons with a functional impairment
Persons age 65 or overReceive 94% and more of the maximum Guaranteed Income Supplement