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Request a reimbursement for covered services

I wish to be reimbursed for services that I paid because I didn’t present my Health Insurance Card or it was expired

You must present your valid Health Insurance Card to be entitled to covered services. If you fail to present your card or if it is expired, you will have to pay for the services. To find out how to renew an expired card, refer to webpage Renew a Health Insurance Card. If necessary, you can replace a lost, stolen or deteriorated card.

Time limit

You have one year after obtaining the services to apply for a reimbursement.


  1. Make sure that your situation is in order if your card is expired.
  2. Ask your doctor for the form entitled Demande de remboursement (carte expirée ou non présentée).
  3. Follow the instructions on the form. There are 2 sections to fill out: one by the health professional and the other by you.
  4. Mail us your request for reimbursement at the address indicated on the form.

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