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Know the eligibility conditions for health insurance

I want to study or undergo training in Québec

To qualify for health insurance as a student or trainee, you must be the recipient of a scholarship from the Ministère de l’Éducation du Québec or come from one of the countries with which Québec has signed a social security agreement.

To find out more, check the registration procedure and the required documents, depending on your situation.

Presence rules to follow to remain eligible

You must be present in Québec for the entire duration of your stay here to remain covered by Québec health insurance. However, you are allowed to leave Québec for periods of 21 consecutive days or less. The days on which you leave and return are excluded from the 21 days. If you plan to be outside Québec for more than 21 days, let us know before you leave.

At any time, we may check whether you are still studying full time or undergoing training, as stated when you registered. If you do not comply with the conditions, you could lose your eligibility and have to repay the cost of the covered health care received during the year.

Change of situation

If you receive new immigration documents, they may change your status or affect your eligibility for the Québec Health Insurance Plan. To find out more, contact us or refer to the webpage Register for health insurance.