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End or interruption of studies

As a rule, if your child age 18 or older is pursuing full-time studies, coverage is provided by your prescription drug insurance plan up to his or her 26th birthday, under certain conditions. However, coverage as your dependent child, who is between 18 and 25, ends as soon as he or she ceases to be a full-time student.These conditions may vary if you are covered under a private plan.

Steps to take when your child is no longer a student

Upon turning 18, your child must meet certain conditions in order to remain covered by the Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan as your dependent child.Your child’s coverage ends when he or she ceases to pursue full-time studies at the secondary, college or university level. When this happens, here is what you need to do:

  1. Notify your insurer that your child is no longer a student. If you are covered by the Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan, call us. If you are covered by a private plan, check with your insurer about your child’s coverage.
  2. Tell your child that he or she is legally required to have prescription drug insurance coverage at all times.
  3. Invite your child to verify his or her situation. This will tell him or her whether to register for the public plan or a private plan and how to do so.


Access to a private plan

Private prescription drug insurance plans are group insurance plans or employee benefit plans that cover prescription drugs. Your child can access a private plan in any of the following ways:

  • Through his or her employer
  • Through a professional group: union, association or order
  • Through his or her spouse

Obligations related to prescription drug insurance

Permanent residents of Québec have certain obligations regarding prescription drug insurance. They must:

  • Be covered, at all times, by a prescription drug insurance plan. It is the law. As a result, your child must be covered by his or her own insurance as soon as he or she is no longer covered as your dependent child.
  • Join a private plan if they have access to one, at least for the prescription drug insurance portion. Most of the time, prescription drug insurance coverage is included in plans covering other health care. To find out more, refer to the webpage Information on private plans.
  • Register with the public plan if they do not have access to a private plan. If your child is registered with the public plan as your dependent child, he or she must call us to register as an adult as soon as he or she ceases to be a full-time student. If your child is not registered, refer to the webpage Register with the public plan or deregister.

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