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COVID-19 and covered health care

Please refer to the webpage Questions and answers to find out more about covered health care during the pandemic.

Death of a loved one

When a close one dies who was covered under the Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan, you have to take certain steps.

Procedure concerning health insurance

A Death in the family

RAMQ must be notified when a person covered by the Health Insurance Plan dies.

When the death occurs in Québec

The death must be reported to the Directeur de l’état civil, by means of a form provided by the funeral director. The Directeur de l’état civil will notify RAMQ of the death.

The deceased person’s Health Insurance Card may be given to the funeral director (who will return it to RAMQ). Otherwise, it must be returned to RAMQ directly.

RAMQ will cancel the deceased person’s card.

When the death occurs outside Québec

The death must be reported to RAMQ by telephone and the deceased person’s card must be returned to RAMQ.

Procedure concerning prescription drug insurance

As soon as RAMQ cancels the Health Insurance Card of a deceased person, it also cancels the person’s registration for the Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan, if applicable.

If the deceased person was covered under a private plan, you must contact the insurer as quickly as possible.

If you were covered under the private plan of a close relative who passed away, you must check whether this change of circumstances might affect your own coverage.

Please remember that you will have to register for the Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan if you are no longer eligible for a private plan.