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Death of a loved one

When a close relative dies, you must take certain steps if this person was covered by the health insurance and prescription drug insurance plans.

Procedure concerning health insurance

When the death occurs in Québec

You must report the death to the Directeur de l’état civil, by means of a form provided by the funeral director. The Directeur de l’état civil will notify us of the death.

If you have the Health Insurance Card of the deceased person, you can destroy it. Make sure you do it safely. If the card could not be given to a close relative, the health network or funeral companies must destroy it.

In any case, we will cancel the card of the deceased person.

When the death occurs outside Québec

You mus call us to report the death. You must also return the Healf Insurance Card of the deceased person to us.

Procedure concerning prescription drug insurance

As soon as we cancel the Health Insurance Card of a deceased person, we also cancel their registration for the Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan, if applicable.

If the deceased person was covered under a private plan, you must contact the insurer as soon as possible. If you were also covered under the private plan, you must check whether this change of circumstances might affect your own coverage.

Please remember that you mus to register for the Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan if you are no longer eligible for a private plan.

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