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Important notice

Temporary measure to renew the Health Insurance Card

To renew your Health Insurance Card, you must mail your completed and signed renewal form to us, without going through the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec service outlets. You do not need to provide a photo: we will use the one on file.To find out more, read the news release from March 8.

Tariff for hearing aids

This Tariff for insured hearing aids and related services (CQLR, chapter A-29, r. 8) constitutes an up-to-date regulatory tariff.

For previous versions of the tariff, see the register below.

Under the second paragraph of section 72.1 of the Health Insurance Act, publication on this website of a regulation respecting the goods and services (hearing devices) referred to in the seventh paragraph of section 3 of the Health Insurance Act and of the related legal documents imparts authentic value to them.

Up-to-date version

Tariff for insured hearing aids and related services