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Programs for free access to medications, supplies and services

By law or government mandate, we are entrusted with managing programs that allow for free access to prescription drugs, supplies and professional services. We manage these programs in keeping with section 2 of the Act respecting the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec.

The following are the terms and conditions governing the administration of these programs, established by orders in council, agreements or other documents. To find out more about these programs, refer to the webpage Free access to prescription drugs.

Free universal access to voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion pill)

This program is intended for Quebeckers who wish to terminate a pregnancy of 9 weeks or less to access the medication free of charge.

Community pharmacy access for certain COVID-19 pharmaceutical treatments

This program provides, free of charge and with a prescription, COVID-19 treatments at pharmacies.

Free prescription drugs for the treatment of sexually transmitted and blood-borne diseases

This program is intended for persons suffering from an infection targeted by the program and those who have been in contact with these persons.

Free access to naloxone and certain other supplies

This program has been implemented to ensure quick interventions for opioid overdose victims.

Free drugs for chemoprophylaxis and for the treatment of tuberculosis

This program is intended for persons suffering from tuberculosis and those having been in contact with someone with tuberculosis.