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Mission and values


Through sound management of the Health Insurance Plan, the Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan and other programs directed at citizens, RAMQ is an important player in the provision of health care. It remunerates health professionals and ensures that all Quebeckers may receive the care they need.


Known for its expertise and concern for protecting each insured person, RAMQ is forward looking and a reference right at the heart of the health network.


RAMQ is guided by 4 values for the attainment of its objectives. These values form the bedrock of its behaviour and decisions.

  • Equity, in other words, acting with kindness and taking decisions fairly in the public interest.
  • Integrity, or performing one’s duties in complete honesty and independence within the established rules and so as to value public service.
  • Respect, or knowing the importance and value of each person and welcoming their difference.
  • Collaboration, in other words, fostering a spirit of partnership and commitment toward its clienteles and between staff.

By upholding and promoting these values, RAMQ fosters exemplary behaviour and acts to support decisions that benefit society.


The objective of the health network is to ensure that citizens may access the care and services required by their health condition. At the forefront of this system, RAMQ serves the 8.2 million persons covered by its health insurance plan. Of these, 3.7 million are also registered with the Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan.

RAMQ administers over 40 programs covering, among others, hearing and visual aids, the reimbursement of costs incurred for services outside Québec, financial aid for domestic help services and the financial contribution by adults accommodated in a health facility.

Moreover, RAMQ remunerates over 55,000 health professionals, service providers and other prescribers. Health professionals are paid in accordance with agreements concluded between medical federations or professional associations and the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux.

Finally, RAMQ makes its information resources available to the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, researchers and various players in the network. These resources include information on the evolving provision of health care and services and their related costs.

All available information is disclosed in strict observance of the need to protect personal information.