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  • /en/media/2081

    This is a general information pamphlet on prescription drug insurance: annual premium, private plans and public plan, covered drugs, and contribution.

  • /en/citizens/prescription-drug-insurance/obligation

    Everyone who is permanently settled in Québec must have prescription drug insurance coverage at all times.

  • /en/media/2086

    This is a general information pamphlet on prescription drug insurance coverage after retirement: private plans and public plan, registration, and deregistration.

  • /en/media/2046

    This pamphlet is a reminder of your obligation to have prescription drug insurance. It also provides the various ways you can register with the public plan or deregister.

  • /en/media/2846

    Example of the form to use when you change insurers during the year. This is to ensure that you pay the correct amount toward your maximum annual contribution.

    Form 3892

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    This form confirms the intention of the parent or legal guardian of a child to reside in Québec for a period of more than 6 months following the date of registration of the child for health insurance. It must be signed before a commissioner for oaths and remains valid for 45 days.

    Form 4489

  • /en/citizens/prescription-drug-insurance/request-a-reimbursement-covered-drugs

    You can apply for a reimbursement with your pharmacist for the cost of purchased medications that are usually covered.

  • /en/citizens/birth-adoption

    Learn how to register a newborn or adopted child for the Health Insurance Plan and the Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan.

  • /en/about-us/information-documents

    Find out about RAMQ’s services with respect to health insurance and prescription drug insurance and see the programs it administers.