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Send documents to RAMQ following a request for information

You may use this form to send us, at our request, documents relating to a current application. This is the case if you have received a letter from us or if we have asked you to do so during a phone call.

Situations for which you may use this form

  • You have received a letter from RAMQ asking you to send documents to provide additional information or update your file.
  • You called RAMQ and the person you spoke to gave you a request for information number to send additional documents.

  • Application for health insurance or prescription drug insurance: certificate of coverage, authorization of entry, proof of employment, attestation of studies.
  • Replacement or correction of a Health Insurance Card: declaration of stay outside Québec, proof of identity.
  • Report an absence from Québec: proof of employment, attestation of studies, declaration of stay outside Québec, proof of presence in Québec.
  • Legal procedures: court judgment, power of attorney.

Situations for which you must use another form

If you are a seasonal agricultural worker or an employer of seasonal agricultural workers, use the following service instead: Register for health insurance.

To send us documents following an application for reimbursement of covered services, use these services instead:


To use this form, you must have:

  • A scanned copy of each of the required documents.
  • According to your situation, one of the following:
    • A scanned copy of the letter received in the mail from RAMQ.
    • The request for information number provided over the phone by a RAMQ employee.

Send documents online

Protection of your personal information
In order to offer you certain services, we need to collect, use, and sometimes disclose your personal information. To find out more about our privacy practices on our website, please refer to our Privacy policy webpage.

Tips for scanning attachments

To scan a document, you may use a scanner or a scanning application on your smartphone. You must save the document in PDF or image (JPG) format.

To take a photo of your document and send us legible information:

  • Place the document on a fixed horizontal surface, such as a table. Avoid holding the document in your hands.
  • Make sure you have enough light to avoid dark areas and shadows in the photo. Do not use your camera’s flash.
  • Position the camera parallel to the surface and at a sufficient distance to frame the entire document. Avoid moving while taking the photo.
  • Crop the photo if necessary. Make sure that the photo is clear and that all the information in the document is visible.

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