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Important notice

COVID-19: Information in effect as of January 8, 2021

Our services are available online and by telephone. In compliance with the new sanitary measures and to limit physical contact, our offices are no longer accessible. If you have any questions, please refer to the webpage Questions and answers about our services during the pandemic.

Traveling outside Québec: Are you properly insured?

Summer’s here and so is vacation time! Remember that you can receive covered services outside Québec if you are eligible for the Health Insurance. In most situations, however, the Régie reimburses only a portion of the costs incurred. If you don’t have private supplemental insurance to offset the cost difference, you could be in for substantial expenses.

Before leaving Québec, you would be wise take out private insurance. That way, if you have health problems while away, you will be fully covered.

Services covered outside Québec

The professional services covered outside Québec are the same as those covered in Québec: medical, dental and optometric services. However, you will be reimbursed up to the applicable Québec rates, even if you paid more.

As for hospital services, they are covered in Canada upon presentation of your Health Insurance Card. Elsewhere, hospital services are covered only following a sudden illness or accident. Reimbursements are issued up to a maximum of:

  • CA$100 per day of hospitalization
  • CA$50 per day for healthcare received at a hospital outpatient clinic