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Make a telephone appointment

In certain situations, you can make a telephone appointment with us to register or re-register for health insurance, to extend your temporary stay in Québec or to inform us that you are leaving Québec for a long period. An agent will call you at your convenience.

Situations which do not require a telephone appointment

In the following situations, you must complete your application online. No telephone appointment is offered.

  • Registration or re-registration: you are settling in Québec or you are returning to Québec after a prolonged absence (single persons and families).
  • Registration or extension of your stay: you are temporarily staying in Québec for work or study (single persons).

Register, re-register or extend my stay

If you are temporarily staying in Québec and are accompanied by family members (spouse or dependants), make a telephone appointment to register.

Information about the telephone appointment

Appointment slot availability

New appointment slots are made available at 8:30 each morning, from Monday to Friday. They are always posted for the 14th day after the current date. We invite you to come back tomorrow if all appointments have been booked.

  • One appointment only: one appointment is required per person and for members of the same family.
  • Telephone number abroad: enter the country code and city or area code, followed by your telephone number.
  • Email address: we need your email address to send your appointment confirmation, which will include a link to modify your appointment if necessary and information on the documents to be provided.
  • Application already submitted: if you already have mailed in your registration documents, no appointment is required.
  • Cancellation: you must cancel your appointment if you are unable to attend or if your situation is settled. This will free up that space for other persons. Cancellation must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Some of the appointment choices refer to the 11 countries that have signed a social security agreement with Québec: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Serbia and Sweden.