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Important notice

COVID-19 and covered health care

Please refer to the webpage Questions and answers to find out more about covered health care during the pandemic.


Statement of contributions to a group insurance plan
To be used when you change insurers during the year.

Notice of physical injury (French only)
Third party liability: As soon as an insurer finds out that a client is responsible for causing a physical injury and that RAMQ may have to pay for covered services as a result, it must notify RAMQ in writing.

Sworn statement
Sworn statement, used as proof of residence
Statement to be completed before a commissioner for oaths.

Sworn statement – Presence in Québec and identification
Confirmation of the intention of the parent or legal guardian of a child to reside in Québec for a period of more than 6 months.

Declaration of domicile
To be used only if RAMQ has specifically asked you to provide this declaration.