Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec

Example of stays outside Québec totalling at least 183 days

Say, for example, that between January 1 and December 31 of a calendar year, you spent time outside Québec on 3 occasions:

  • January, February, March and April in Florida;
  • August, September and October in Spain;
  • 15 days in December to visit friends in Mexico.
Your stays outside Québec The number of days taken into account for your coverage under the Health Insurance Plan
120 days in Florida 120 days
90 days in Spain 90 days
15 days in Mexico 0 days
Total: 210 days

If no exception were to apply in your case, according to the above scenario, you would lose your entitlement to coverage under the Health Insurance Plan for the entire year.

If you received insured healthcare services during that year, the Régie would require that you repay the healthcare costs, i.e. the cost of any insured services received:

  • outside Québec, during your stays in Florida, Spain and Mexico;
  • in Québec, when you were here, that is, during May, June, July, November and part of December.